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Wheel Care

Always keep your wheels clean at all times this way you can protect your investment. Don’t let dust or dirt sit on your wheels this might destroy the finish. Never use steam cleaners or automatic car washes; they can damage your wheels. The best product to use is a mild soap, cleaning one wheel at a time. Rinse immediately, this way you don’t get a soap scum buildup. Always wait until your wheels are cool before cleaning them. After the wheels are clean and dry you may add a very light coat of wheel wax to protect your wheels from the elements.

Wheel Construction

Most alloy wheels are made in one, two or three piece construction types. One piece is a wheel made in a mold as a single piece of metal. Two piece wheels are made of two separate pieces center and barrel that are usually welded or bolted together. Three piece wheels are made of three separate pieces bolted together.

Wheels are manufactured in a variety of ways: Forging, Low pressure Casting and Counter pressure Casting.

Forging - This is the process of forcing a solid billet of aluminum between the forging dies under an extreme amount of pressure. This creates a finished product that is very dense, very strong and therefore very light.

Low Pressure Casting - This is the most common form of rim manufacturing. Liquid metal is poured into a mold and allowed to harden until the finished wheel is cool enough to be taken out of the casting.

Counter Pressure Casting - This method actually sucks the metal into a mold using a vacuum. This reduces impurities making the wheel much stronger than a low pressure cast rim.

Noise and Vibration Problems

Some of the most common causes of noise and vibration problems (There could be others):

- Tire and wheel out of balance

- No hub centric rings on aftermarket wheels

- Incorrect hardware for aftermarket wheels

- Irregular tire wear

- Rim is damaged

- Tire is damaged

Do not ignore pulling or vibration. If you have this problem have a professional inspect the issue.


Mounting and Balancing

BestWheelDeals also provides customers with all the latest technology available in mounting and balancing your wheel and tire packages. We use Accu Turn's 5602 tire changer to insure proper mounting. We also Road Force test and balance your wheels with Hunter's GSP9700 which measures radial and lateral tire forces. Both machines are top of the line.