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"Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the good fortune to meet Jon and Chris Rosario and make a very reasonable purchase of four new wheels and excellent tires from Best Wheel Deals. Prior to my visit, I had done a considerable amount of research to choose the best tires and wheel combination for my 2011 Camaro SS. Being a member of the Camaro5 community, Jon was highly recommended on the site, and I began a correspondence with him to discuss prices and choices, and over a period of months, he worked with me to tailor my experience. The day of my visit, I made my drive to Hialeah and met Jon's son Chris, who would be removing my old wheels and tires and installing the new. Chris took the time to indulge my curiosity and explained every step of the process. Jon and Chris also were very helpful with my old wheels, boxing them carefully in the boxes from my new wheels and helping me ready them for transport. This made selling them a much easier experience as I shipped them to GA. If you are in the market for wheels and tires or any combination of the above, I would highly recommend Best Wheel Deals. Whether by shipping or in person, they are an honest, family owned business that has earned my business now and in the future. Thanks Jon and Family!"
Jason Troop
"I work with Jon at Best Wheel Deals. Myself and my family has bought numerous sets of wheels (in the range of 6 to 10 sets) and i constantly find myself going back to Jon. He will give you all the time you need to get your specifications for your wheels squared away, and will even customize them to your needs via color, center caps, shaving them down so they tuck perfect, etc. I will ONLY deal with Jon for wheels. He ALWAYS has the best price, the best service, and actually follows up with his customers. USE BEST WHEEL DEALS. You won't regret it."
Adam Pettit
"A couple weeks ago, I ordered a set of Niche Targa wheels in 20" for my '09 Cadillac CTS-V with Nitto Invos. BWD by far had the best deal on them and Jon there was EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Knowing that the offset on my car can be difficult, Jon recommended we have Niche machine the rears down to suck the wheels inward as my car is lowered to avoid rubbing. It was a good price on machining, so I went for it and I am glad I did. Wheels came to me within 2 weeks, which was surprising given the fact that there was customer machining involved. All in all, I am EXTREMELY happy with the purchase and VERY happy with the service. I am pretty sure I will be buying all my wheels in the future from these guys."
Jim Johnson /div>
"After completing and exhaustive study on wheels for my Honda Accord, I settled on 20” TSW Nurburgrings. Mainly because TSW creates high quality forged wheels that are durable and lightweight. The problem was I wanted my Nurbs with gloss black, but TSW does not have a stock Nurbs in gloss black. I found Best Wheel Deals and some of their custom wheel sets on a Forum where they had custom powder coated Nurbs gloss black. I reached out via their website and I was promptly contacted by Jon via email. I told John what I wanted and he emailed me a proposal the next day. I compared his prices with other shops and there was no need for negotiation because their prices where reasonable competitive. Jon was very professional and my Custom Nurbs arrived 10 days after I ordered them. I highly recommend Best Wheel Deals."
Jared Donner
"I ordered a set of custom Niche Consourse wheels and Vredestein tires from Jon 2 weeks before a planned trip to a car show in Indianapolis. I knew I was pushing the limits when I asked if it could be done in that timeframe since the rears (20 x 10.5) were not stock items and had to be made. I also ordered custom center caps for the wheels. Jon promised he would have them to me in time for the trip. He didn't get the wheels until Monday before I was leaving Florida on Tuesday. That Monday morning he called me and said he had the wheels and tires ready to go but they couldn't be shipped to get here in time and volunteered to have one of his guys drive north with them to meet me. The end result was I met his guy in a Home Depot parking lot and the tires and wheels were swapped out there. He took my old wheels and tires back with him and shipped them to me when I got home from my trip. He could easily have said that 9 days just wasn't enough lead time and I would have agreed, but he didn't. He went out of his way to be sure I had the wheels when I needed them. This kind of service is hard to come by these days. I can't say enough about the service provided by Best Wheel Deals. Jon and his people are great to deal with."
Dennis Carlos